Christina Eberhart

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Christina Eberhart – Board Member – Treasurer

As a member of the GOTB Board of Directors, Christina leverages her background in law and business to help the team propel the program. Growing up in Ellicott City, Maryland, Christina acquired invaluable friendships, life skills, and memories playing recreational and travel soccer for 12 years. She went on

Wade Whitney

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Wade Whitney – Board Member – President

I grew up in Columbia, MD. My older brother exposed me to soccer at six years old. At the time it was all about free unrestricted play in the open spaces of our neighborhood. I thoroughly enjoyed an activity that allowed me to physically express myself. Soccer quickly became

Rich Ryerson

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Rich Ryerson – Business Development Director

National Business Development Director-Rich Ryerson will use his Master’s in Public Administration and MPS Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership to drive the Business Development arm, in order to enhance the impact and financial stability while intentionally helping to grow the program. Rich spent 10 years as UNLV Men’s coach, spearheading the

Danny Barber

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Daniel Barber – Executive Director of

Daniel Barber is the Executive Director of Daniel started to support his local community in 2007. The I-15 is named after the I-15 freeway connecting Southern California and Las Vegas where Daniel has spent the majority of his life. Daniel was a 1991-NSCAA All-American soccer

Amanda Buckler

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Amanda Buckler – Director of Operations

Raised in MD, Amanda graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Spanish and continues to serve her community both in volunteer and professional capacities.  With Ellicott City Soccer Club since its inception, she has managed youth soccer teams, helped organize events, and most recently, worked with Tim Ryerson to create

Tim Ryerson

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Tim Ryerson – Director of Chapter Management

Splitting time with soccer projects between Region I and Region IV, Tim Ryerson has been using his BS in Sports MGMT and Masters in MGMT to work full time giving back to the game that gave him so much. Tim is the owner of Ryerson Soccer Consulting which specializes

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